14.11.11 Team Malaysia - Gemuruh Suara (SEA Games 2011)


Kalau engkau jatuh
Jangan engkau lemah
kerana hidup mengajar kita
jangan cepat mengalah

Bina yakin diri
mampu kita lakukan
tiada yang mustahil
segalanya boleh

Kita bergandingan
meraihkan Malaysia

Gemuruh suara
Jadi bangsa berjaya
Gemuruh perkasa
Bawah satu bendera
Nama kita bina diseluruh benua rasa bangga
Genggam amanat wira
Julang panji Malaysia

Rap Verse
Check it out who's here "Caprice"

We standing real tall
Push me up againts the wall
See we are not afraid
Whether we rise or fall
oz we will follow
and fight for like tomorrow
We dont even need to rest
Coz the best is just the best

Its uniting our passion man
behind the team, a million fans
In-between, we're focused
Go for gold, well that's the plan, plan
I see the light
Yeah we will fight
IF there's one thing that i have
that's my nation pride


Oh..Oh.. Oh..Oh..
Accross the nation
There is Jubilation
Our atheletes bringing pride
to our nation


Malaysia! Malaysia!

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